20 Mealtime Must-Haves for Baby

Make baby's mealtime more fun with these great colorful, mod, and on-the-go gear picks.

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Michael Kraus

Flying High

The Babyplane spoon, from Pylones, also comes in pink ($16).

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Bright Utensils

This silverware is easy for baby to grip and comes in 3 vibrant colors.

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Michael Kraus

Safety First

Safety 1st Comfy Cushy Baby Seat, a foam seat with a baby-food holder on the side ($29).

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Michael Kraus

Educational Eating

Baby Einstein Mealtime Activity Tray, with hidden animal pictures ($10), and Eat & Discover spoon ($4 for two).

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Michael Kraus

Colorful Cups

Playtex Sipsters allow for smaller sips ($5.50 for two).

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Michael Kraus

Fascination Station

The Illumination Fascination Station, from Sassy, with a ball that lights up ($7).

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Michael Kraus

Pretty Prints

Zutano cotton bibs brighten up any meal ($10 each).

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Michael Kraus

Ready, Aim, Squirt!

Boon Squirt Spoon, which you can load with baby's pureed food ($8).

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Michael Kraus

High Rise

Bloom Nano high chair, in chic colors like bright blue or chocolate ($180).

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Michael Kraus

Work of Art

Skip Hop Palette Plate, with little bowls that become food-storage containers ($28).

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Michael Kraus

Built for Life

Stokke Tripp Trapp, ergonomically designed for comfort and built to last as your kid's chair right into the teen years ($230 for chair, $40 for baby rail, $40 for cushion).

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Michael Kraus

Silicone Smarts

Silikids wipe-clean silicone Silibibs ($20 each).

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Michael Kraus

Sleek for Snack Time

Boon's innovative new line includes this Snack Ball ($6.50) and Fluid Toddler Cup ($6).

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Michael Kraus

Less Mess

Food stays on the Sassy Less Mess toddler spoon ($3 for two).

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Michael Kraus

Totable Tossables

Divided plates from Gerber Graduates Tossables are inexpensive enough to leave behind if needed ($4 for three).

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Michael Kraus

Brilliant Bibs

Restaurant must-have: Pampers Pocket Bibsters ($6-$7).

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Michael Kraus

Perfect Play

For on-the-go entertainment, we love Fisher-Price Rainforest Booster Seat ($30).

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Michael Kraus

Handy Holder

Baby Cooz, from Lima Bean Baby, keeps the bottle near baby ($9).

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Michael Kraus

Feeding Friend

Munchkin's Feeding Friend hook-on chair comes in a doggie, monkey, or cow pattern ($43).

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Michael Kraus

Keeping Cool

Milk stays cool on the bottom -- and cereal is contained on top -- with Cool Gear International's Cereal on the Go ($6).

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Michael Kraus

Sweet Server

Combi Mommy's Food Processor is perfect for cutting up food and serving to baby ($6).

Copyright © 2008. Used with permission from the April 2008 issue of American Baby magazine.

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