Gotta Have It: Purseket Purse Organizer

This neat organizer makes the handbag-to-diaper bag switch a cinch.

Courtesy of Container Store

Working mommies sometimes feel like Superman: buttoned-up, skirt-wearing Clark Kent at the office, and spit-up-fighting, jeans-wearing Woman of Steel at home. The downside to your dual identity? Sometimes your wallet/cell phone/favorite lip gloss doesn't always make the transfer from diaper bag to purse and back again. Whoops -- how are you going to pay for that Goldfish snack pack?

Eliminate future separation anxiety with the Purseket. This purse organizer allows you to transfer the goods from handbag to diaper bag in one fell swoop, plus the multiple pockets make it easy to locate what you're looking for. We've seen the concept before, but the Purseket comes in a range of mod prints (choose one that would make a cool lining for any of your bags) as well as four sizes: A drop-in with two pockets, small for mini-totes and hobos, a six-pocket medium, and for those of us who never travel light, a large size with eight compartments. It's constructed from a fabric-covered flexible frame, so it'll expand (or contract) to fit the parameters of your purse/diaper bag -- simply roll it up and stick it in. You'll never come up empty-handed again.

The Purseket retails at $18 for a small, $20 for a medium, and $22 for a large. To order online, visit:

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