Baby Gear: The Necessities and the Niceties

Diapering Essentials

Changing Pad

Why invest in a piece of furniture just for diaper duty? Instead, consider a sturdy changing pad with sloped sides and a safety strap. Position it on top of a regular, waist-high chest of drawers. The chest can be used until Baby goes to college; and a changing table will just be taking up space in the attic in a few years

Niceties: Changing table.

Yes, it is indeed designed for the task at hand, but is it worth the investment? If you are having more than one child, or if it converts to a dresser, then the answer may be yes. But if not -- consider spending your money on other things.

Basic Diaper Pail (And A Supply of Plastic Bags)

We all want our darlings' dirty diapers to disappear quickly and completely, hence the popularity of those fancy diaper disposal pails that whisk the evidence into coils of tightly sealed, odor-preventing plastic sheeting. But the cost of such pails and their refills can add up. Plus, when you have to open the contraption to empty it, the stench of the stored diapers can be enough to knock you off your feet. If you want a budget option, consider a simple diaper pail and a supply of plastic grocery bags. This can be emptied nightly into an outdoor trashcan.

Niceties: Super-fancy diaper pail and supplies.

Stick to the basics when it comes to diaper disposal. Other accouterments that can be skipped include: diaper stacker and diaper warmer.

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