Buying Guides

Knowing what to buy (and what not to buy) for your baby is an important part of parenting. Our baby buying guides help you navigate the world of baby products.

Baby Registry Guide for Green Moms

Looking for products that are good for your kiddo and the planet? Start with these baby registry must-haves -- eco-friendly gear and natural baby products and that don't compromise on quality, safety, or style.

Baby Shopping Guide

Going shopping for new items for your baby? Here are the must-haves (and the don't-needs) to help you shop smart.

Choose an Activity Mat

How to choose an activity mat.

7 Safe Sunscreens

Seeking safe sunscreen? Shield baby's skin from the harsh rays with these natural lotions.

Choose a Baby Swing

Tips for choosing a baby swing.

Baby Products We Can't Live Without

You asked, we answered. We had real moms tell us which baby gear really got them through those first few roller-coaster months -- behold the 13 lifesavers you need to register for.

How to Buy Baby Diapers on a Budget

Babies go through an incredible amount of diapers. Whether you are using cloth diapers or disposable ones, here are the best ways to stay on a budget.

Baby Essentials That Are OK to Buy Used

Save money on many baby items. With smart shopping, most of the things on your list are OK to buy used.

Essential Gear for Baby's First Six Weeks

Babies don't really need a lot of gear the first few weeks at home. Despite the temptation to buy all the wonderful baby clothes and gadgets available, a few basics are all you and your baby need.

Because All Parents Should be Able to Afford to Diaper Their Babies

The White House has teamed up with to offer affordable diapers to families in need.

Baby Items You Can Live Without

Before you register or buy something for baby, check out our list of products that aren't worth the splurge.

How to Buy Baby Clothes on a Budget

Shopping for baby clothes while on a budget doesn't have to be stressful. We'll tell you where and how to score a deal on your favorite little baby outfits.

How to Buy Baby Food on a Budget

Baby has to eat! Give your cutie plenty of baby food choices while maintaining your budget with these tips.

Checklist: Baby Basics Shopping List

Shopping for your newborn can be a daunting task, especially since there's such a huge variety of baby products on the market. How many undershirts, sleepers, bottles and burping cloths does your little one need? Which lotions and creams should you stock up on? What should you carry in your diaper bag? Our baby basics shopping list will help you figure out exactly what you'll need for the first few months. Print it up and take it with you on your next trip to the mall.

Baby Gear: The Necessities and the Niceties

What gear do you really need for your newborn -- and what can be considered a nice-to-have luxury? Find out here.

7 Cool Gadgets for the Baby's Nursery

Simple and innovative baby gear that makes caring for your newborn much easier.

Ways to Save Money on Baby Stuff

We talked to Angie Wynne from for tips on saving money on baby stuff.

Baby Registry Guide for Second-Time Moms

Leave the wipes warmers and changing tables to the rookies. Now that you're a pro at this motherhood thing, you have a pretty good idea of what baby number two will need to get by. Consider this your cheat sheet of experienced-mom essentials.

Dads' Favorite Baby Gear

Check out the carriers, pacifiers, high chairs (and more) that these dads can't live without.

10 Must-Have Eco-Friendly Finds for Mom & Baby

It's easy to be green with these great, environmentally safe products.

Must-Haves for New Moms

What you really need for the first weeks with baby.

Gotta Have It: A Fuss-Free Thermometer for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Taking your sick kid's temperature has never been so easy.

Checklist: Layette Necessities

Our layette shopping list can also help you plan your baby registry. Don't leave home without this baby clothing checklist!

Baby Registry Guide for Moms on a Budget

If you're ever going to max out your credit cards, what better reason than a new baby, right? Not quite. Luckily, you can create a great nursery for not a lot of bank. These excellent baby gear options will leave you with enough money left over to start that college fund.