Reader-Tested High Chairs

DoubleTray Infant-to-Youth by Graco, $90

DoubleTray Infant-to-Youth by Graco, $90

Tested By: Denise and Ralph Laraiso with Emilla, 14 months; Nicholas, 3; Vincent, 4; Anthony, 7; and Joey, 10 Decatur, Ill.

We were very frustrated by the instructions for this chair--it took us almost an hour to set it up. Now that the model is ready, we like that the upholstery isn't too cutesy and that the five-point harness really holds Emilia in place. However, the chair is difficult to fold for storage and adjust for height. Plus, because there are no wheels, the unit can be hard to move around the house.

Bottom line: Though attractive, this chair is not particularly easy to maneuver.

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