High Chair and Hook-On Chair Safety

Feeding time can be hectic when baby is hungry. Follow these simple guidelines for high chairs and hook-on chairs to ensure your baby's safety at mealtime.

High Chair Safety

___ Safe high chairs have a waist strap and crotch strap. Use both the waist and crotch restraint every time you place child in the high chair.

___ Never depend on the feeding tray to restrain or protect baby. Instead, secure restraint straps.

___ Keep high chair far enough from the table, counter, or wall so baby can't push off from it.

___ Never allow baby to stand up on a high chair because it could topple over.

___ Secure the locking latch on a folding high chair each time you assemble it.

___ Check all parts for hazards such as sharp edges or protrusions.

___ NEVER leave baby unattended.

___ Look for the JPMA Certification Seal.

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