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Now that you're pregnant, you want the best stroller, the best high chair, and all of the other best baby gear. Well, you're in luck! Whether you're just starting to register or your research has left you wavering between picks, our 17th annual best list, voted on by 38,000 readers, reveals which gear ranks highest with other moms -- and could be perfect for you.

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Graco High Chair

This stylish seat grows with your bambino. Remove the legs and it transforms into a booster that straps onto a regular chair. "I like that it folds up easily to fit into small spaces and is also a great value," says Miz Dreama, of New Port Richey, Florida. ($80 for the SimpleSwitch)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Dr. Brown's Bottles

"I worked in a child-care setting for five years and used every type of bottle," says Samantha Hunt, of Gresham, Oregon. "When I had my own daughter, Dr. Brown's was an easy choice. The bottle really does keep air out of an infant's tummy! And I never experienced any leaking." ($14 for two)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Boppy Pillow

"I keep one at home and one in my car, so I can use a Boppy no matter where I am," says Andrea Simmons, of Augusta, Maine. "It helps me get my son into the perfect position to nurse. My husband loves using it, too, when he gives the baby a bottle of pumped milk." ($35 to $50 each)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Medela Breast Pump

Moms swear by this when they return to work. It can also help increase or maintain your milk supply from the beginning. "I used mine to pump milk when my son struggled to latch at first," says Sarah Mims Moran, of Darien, Illinois. "At 8 months old, he's still nursing, thanks to my Medela." ($300 for Pump in Style Advanced Backpack)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Graco Car Seat

"I chose a SnugRide because I knew it would last until my son was more than 30 pounds," says Crystal Ghassemi, of Nashville. Other standout features: It audibly clicks into its base for a secure fit, has an easy-to-adjust harness, and weighs only 7.5 pounds, so it's light to tote. ($150 for SnugRide Click Connect 35)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Ergo Carrier

Wear your baby one of three ways: at your chest and facing you (in the beginning), at your hip (as your baby grows more curious), or on your back (during the toddler years). "I love being able to carry my little one safely while playing with my older child," says Holly LaCombe, of Elmira, Michigan. ($140 for the organic carrier)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Vera Bradley Diaper Bag

"It's beautiful and functional!" gushes Mandy Behling, of Durham, North Carolina. "I love all the pockets." The detachable changing pad is handy too. Snag the bag in one of the brand's classic floral prints, or choose from the new quilted jewel tones, like this cobalt one. ($138 for the Make a Change Baby Bag)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Graco Stroller

"This is easy to fold and travel with," says Camille Lachney, of Loves Park, Illinois. "And it seems lighter than others." She's right: At 21 pounds, it's lighter than many full-size models, yet it has a big canopy and basket. ($230 for the Aire3 Click Connect in black, $350 for pink, shown, which comes with a SnugRide car seat)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Philips AVENT Soothie

"These pacis were a godsend for my preemie. They helped him sleep and really did soothe his tears," says Jay Whitney, of Bend, Oregon. We heard from many parents who like that the birth-to-3-month size fits well in a newborn's mouth. ($4 for two)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Ubbi Diaper Pail

Those hot colors! That sleek design! Ubbi cracked the code on making diaper changing more pleasant. Plus, it effectively blocks odors. "My nursery stays smelling nice, and the Ubbi is easy to change and clean," says Karrie Lynn Mueller, of Tampa. "Totally worth the money." ($80; for pink or blue, for orange)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Carter's Clothing

"The designs are vibrant and the fabrics feel so comfortable; too bad they don't make adult clothes!" says Kimber Highfill, of Knoxville, Georgia. Fans also crow that this line is light on the wallet and available everywhere. ($16 to $32 for each Sleep & Play)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Nuroo Swaddler

Calm your squirmer with this breathable blanket that also gently compresses, so it feels like a hug. It adjusts to three sizes, so whether Baby is born big or small, it will fit. "It's made of the very best material," says Nannette Ferrell Melamed, of Las Vegas. "My baby wore one every night for the first month." ($20)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Fisher-Price Jumperoo

An activity seat with toys on every side keeps a baby busy and happy. "My boys rarely seemed more delighted than while bouncing in this," says Danielle Raymond Neff, of Montclair, New Jersey. This model also lets Baby take a few steps forward and back, yet remains stationary. ($110 for First Steps Jumperoo)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Fisher-Price Swing

"The first week home, our newborn daughter would sleep only in this swing," says Erin Kate Carloni, of Danbury, Connecticut, echoing many other parents who like the side-to-side and front-to-back motion of this pick. "She still loves it at 7 months!" ($160 for the My Little SnugaMonkey Cradle 'n Swing)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Fisher-Price Tub

Infants are slippery when wet, but this tub comes with a mesh sling (not pictured) that makes it easy to hold your newborn for sponge baths. Later, you swap in a seat for a baby who can sit. "We've used our Fisher-Price tub all through our baby's first year," says Julia Miller, of Huntingburg, Indiana. ($40 for the 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Tub)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Ingenuity Bouncer

Rest your baby in this cozy nest and you may be able to sneak in a real shower or get dinner on the table. It has eight melodies, three nature sounds, and a vibration mode that mimics the sound of your heartbeat, so your baby will relax here for the few minutes that you need. ($65 for Gentle Automatic Bouncer)

Originally published in American Baby magazine in October 2014.

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