Which Car Seat Is Right for Your Child?

Once You've Bought

  • Practice buckling the seat into your car before your baby's first ride.
  • Make sure the harness straps fit snugly on your baby's body. Use the lowest harness slots for a newborn infant. Keep the straps in the slots at or below your baby's shoulders for the rear-facing position.
  • Make sure the harness straps fit properly over the shoulders and between the legs -- this is very important. Dress your baby in clothes that keep legs free.
  • To fill empty spaces and give support, roll up a couple of small blankets and tuck them between your baby's shoulders and head, on both his right and left sides.
  • If he still slumps down, put a rolled diaper between his legs behind the crotch strap. Don't put thick padding underneath or behind the baby.

Additional Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 800-424-9398, 888-327-4236


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