Which Car Seat Is Right for Your Child?

A valuable age-by-age guide to your child's car seat needs.


As your child grows, you'll need to change the direction that his car seat faces and how he sits in it -- and you may need to buy a new seat. Check out this age-by-age guide to keeping car travel safe for your little one.

Kids must remain rear-facing until they're 2 years old or have reached the maximum height or weight capacity of the car seat. Your options are:

  • Infant-only seat: This can be used until baby weighs 20 to 22 pounds or his head is within 1 inch of top of the seat.
  • Rear-facing convertible: Most babies use this next, because they still need to ride rear-facing. (It may be used from birth, but infant-only seats fit small babies better.) Choose one certified to face rear until baby weighs at least 30 pounds.

When to Switch a Car Seat
When to Switch a Car Seat

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