The Complete Guide to Starting Solids

What Worked for Real Moms

  • "My daughter is a great eater. About the time she started solids, we got her one of those 101-piece plastic food sets. She loved playing with it and learning the names of different foods. I think it helped familiarize her with some of the things she was eating and with food in general."

    -- Betsy Goldberg, New York City
  • "Charlotte liked her food whole rather than in pieces. For example, she liked holding a whole pancake and nibbling tiny bites versus eating the small pieces I cut for her. Same was true of a slice of turkey."

    -- Robin Immerman Gruen, Chicago
  • "Having a high chair that reclined made a world of difference. The cereal we started Evan on was completely runny, and being able to tip him back put gravity on our side."

    -- Mindy Long, Annandale, Virginia

Originally published in the November 2008 issue of American Baby magazine.Updated 2010

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