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What Should Baby Eat?

baby eating

Linda Farwell

  • Single-grain cereals (4 to 6 months) The level of iron that is stored up while in utero drops after birth, and a baby reaches an all-time low at around 9 months. That's why cereals are fortified with iron and why they're a good first food. Combine one teaspoon of single-grain cereal with four to five teaspoons of breast milk or formula. Once your baby is used to swallowing runny cereal, thicken it by adding more cereal.
  • Pureed veggies, fruits, and meats (4 to 8 months) Some doctors say eating fruits before vegetables can cause a lifelong preference for sweet foods, but there's not much research to back that up. So it's up to you whether to begin with bananas or carrots.
  • Chopped, ground, or mashed foods (9 to 12 months) If your child isn't ready to move to this stage, it's fine to stay with pureed foods a little longer. When he's ready, offer him some finely chopped or mashed finger foods -- try graham crackers, soft fruits and veggies, and ground meats. It's also safe to feed your child soft rice and casseroles at this point.

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