Introducing Solid Foods to Baby

The First Feeding

Since your baby will still be getting regular feedings of breast milk or formula, solid foods are just "extras" for now. Keep this time fun and relaxed. After all, you now have the privilege of introducing your baby to the rewards of enjoying good food -- rewards she'll hopefully enjoy for the rest of her life.

It's best to start with rice cereal for your baby's first taste of solids. Here's how to give your baby his first taste of rice cereal:

1. Sit your baby upright, either in an infant seat or propped in a highchair with towels, blankets, and bibs. If she seems a bit scared by the experience, you can try moving her onto your lap.

2. Give your baby something to hold, such as a baby spoon or a soft bread crust. This will give her something to focus on, which might free you to get a spoonful of something into her mouth.

3. Place a baby spoon (or a small coffee spoon if the baby spoon seems too large), with about 1/4 teaspoon of rice cereal on it, close to your baby's lips. Give her a minute to smell and taste it. Don't be concerned if this first taste is rejected. Just wait a minute and try again. Expect that most of the food on the spoon will wind up on your baby's chin or bib. Once her face and bib is covered in food, don't forget to take some adorable pictures to record the milestone!

4. Finish your baby's feeding with breast milk or formula to satisfy her hunger. Fight the urge to put food into your baby's bottle. He needs to make the connection that tasty foods are to be eaten sitting up and from a spoon. This early experience will help lay the foundation for good eating habits throughout her life.

Don't force the issue if your baby cries or turns away when you're trying to feed him. It's more important that you both enjoy this experience than it is to make sure that you stick to an arbitrary timetable. Go back to nursing or bottlefeeding exclusively for a week or two, then try again.

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