5 Biggest Baby Food Frustrations

I Have a Picky Eater

picky eater

Sometimes, little ones will have a few favorite foods -- and will eat nothing else! The idea of living on one food for months seems impossible to an adult, but for toddlers, it's par for the course. Because they thrive on familiarity, eating the same thing at each meal is a source of comfort. Insisting on one food and refusing all others is also a way for toddlers to test boundaries with their parents, explains Zelman.

Try not to act overly concerned; that can lead children to use food as an attention-getter. And if you are worried, keep a food diary of your child's intake over a week or two and show it to your pediatrician so she can help you determine if your child is getting enough to eat.

For the most part, as long as your child is growing normally, there is no harm in a temporarily limited diet. But to be sure she is getting a wide enough range of nutrients, a daily multivitamin is key. And in a no-pressure way, do continue to introduce small amounts of new foods to her plate along with old favorites, even if they go untouched. Eventually, a toddler's natural curiosity should make her try out new foods, says Zelman.

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