Feeding Problems

Are you experiencing feeding problems with your baby? Our guide helps with common issues like spitting up, picky eaters, food allergies, and more. Plus, how to prepare your baby to eat in a restaurant.

Is Your Baby Refusing the Spoon? Here's What to Do

It can be frustrating (and scary) when your once ravenous baby suddenly shuns spoon-feeding. But it's completely normal. Here's why it happens and how to adjust.

5 Biggest Baby Food Frustrations

Learn about common feeding problems and how to handle them.

7 Finicky Eater Solutions

If your baby has become a finicky eater, don't fret. We've got solutions to your mealtime problems.

23 Great Nursing Tips from Moms

Got breastfeeding issues? Get advice from the experts -- moms who got it right.

Spit-Up FAQs

For new parents, seeing their infant spit up so frequently can be a bit scary. We asked the experts for the lowdown on this common concern.

Baby Feeding Myths Every Parent Should Know

Grandparents, friends, and society flood parents with well-meaning advice, but how can Mom and Dad be sure they are receiving accurate information? With help from Dr. Andrew Adesman and his book "Baby Facts", we separate baby myths from reality.

Baby's Aversion to Solids

Dr. Alan Greene answers the question, Why does my baby refuse to eat solids?

When to Worry: Food Allergies

It can be hard to notice food-allergy symptoms in babies. Heres how to tell if your newborn could be suffering from one.

Solutions to Your Biggest Baby Feeding Problems

Feeding Baby doesn't always go smoothly. Here are three solutions to your biggest feeding frustrations.

Checklist: Dining Out with Baby

If you do your homework, dining out with baby doesn't have to be a disaster.


Dr. Allan Greene answers the question, Should I stop breastfeeding because of my baby's allergy to cow's milk?

Smart Answers to Common Feeding Questions

Hungry babies can be hard to please. We offer simple solutions to your common concerns.

Experimenting With Babies: Under Pressure

Research has shown that most babies exhibit a mouth-opening response, known as the Babkin reflex, when pressure is applied to their palms. See it in action, and then try it on your baby at home.