Health Update: 3 Ways to Help Your Baby Love Fruits & Veggies

Keep Serving the Same Stuff

In the same study, breastfed and formula-fed babies tried green beans daily for more than a week -- and both groups ate nearly three times as many veggies by the end of that time period as they did at the start.

The lesson: Give it time. "Babies are born with a natural dislike of bitter-tasting foods, which most green vegetables are," says Mennella. "They're an acquired taste -- and your baby will learn to like them the more he eats them."

You can also try serving veggies with sweeter-tasting fruit. In this study, babies seemed to like green beans more when they were fed peaches shortly after. "Babies learn to associate the sweet flavors from fruit with veggies, which may encourage them to eat more over time," says Mennella.

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