Health Update: 3 Ways to Help Your Baby Love Fruits & Veggies

A new study reveals some smart tricks to make the transition to solid foods smoother.

Boost Your Own Veggie Intake

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When peaches were first introduced, breastfed babies ate more of them than non-breastfeed babies -- if their moms ate lots of peaches while nursing too. "We know flavors from a mom's diet are transmitted to her baby through breast milk," says study author Julie A. Mennella, PhD, a biopsychologist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia.

The lesson: When you eat plenty of produce while pregnant and breastfeeding, your baby's palate is naturally predisposed to like those foods too. A friendly reminder: You should aim for three cups of vegetables and two cups of fruits a day (though most adults fall way short of these recommendations). The best way to get all that in? Eat some with every meal or snack. For example: A glass of OJ and a cup of berries in breakfast cereal, baby carrots as a midmorning snack, an apple or banana with peanut butter in the afternoon, and a large salad with dinner every night is about what you need to stay healthy -- and get your baby off to a good start too.

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