Health Update: Baby Bottle Buzz -- Toxic or Not?

Q. I'm pregnant. Should I be worried about BPA?

A. BPA isn't just a baby bottles issue, says Phillip Landrigan, MD, a Parents advisory board member and a professor of pediatrics and community and preventive medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. "The chemical can cross the placenta, so if you're exposed during pregnancy, there's a chance it can impact your developing fetus." The best ways to protect your health while you're expecting: Avoid heating and dishwashing food containers made from polycarbonate (flip the storage container and look for the recycling symbols #1, #2, or #5 instead -- all safer forms of plastic) and Nalgene water bottles. "Luckily, BPA is not everywhere," says Roberts. "And there are plastic alternatives that are totally fine for moms and babies to use."

Try these BPA-free bottles:

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