Health Update: Baby Bottle Buzz -- Toxic or Not?

Q. Why the sudden bad rap for bottles?

A. Here's what we know for sure: BPA is a hormone-disrupting chemical found in hard, clear plastic baby bottles; over time, it can seep into the containers and into your baby's milk. Here's what we don't know: "We haven't yet found definitive long-term health consequences in people," says Rebecca Roberts, PhD, an associate professor of biology at Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, who studies BPA. Yet there are enough tangible risks -- especially for young babies and children, because they're still developing -- to be concerned. "I'm a mom too, and I believe it's important to balance your lifestyle with what the science says," Roberts says. "I can't say that my kid lives a completely BPA-free life, but I can minimize her contact."

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