Diaper-Duty Essentials: What's Normal?


What's normal: Gas can make your baby fussy, but it's not usually dangerous. It's normally caused by digestion or when your baby swallows air during feeding or crying. A lactation consultant may be able to suggest a better breastfeeding position. For formula-fed babies, try specially shaped bottles. Gas drops or a warm bath might also help. And keep in mind that, if you're breastfeeding, the foods that give you gas can have an even more dramatic effect on your baby.

What's not: There are some times when gas is a symptom of a more serious problem. If you notice your baby arching and crying during feeding time, he may have acid reflux. Reflux makes feeding uncomfortable, causing babies to pull away from the breast or bottle and swallow air instead of milk, making them gassy. If your baby's stomach looks bloated and feels harder to the touch than normal, and if he seems miserable and you can't calm him down, call your doctor.

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