Cleaning Baby's Messiest Parts

Cradle Cap

Conquering Cradle Cap

If the top of your baby's head is scaly and dry, don't worry. She just has cradle cap, a painless, harmless combination of dry skin and scalp oil. It's as easy to get rid of as it is unsightly.

How to: Pour a quarter-size dab of baby oil in your palm and slather it on baby's scalp. "Let it sit for about 10 hours to loosen the scales," says Dr. Eisenberg. Then, rub off the dead skin with a soft toothbrush. "This method works great and didn't bother my baby a bit," says Lisa McGonagle of Amherst, New Hampshire. You can also wash baby's hair with a dollop of dandruff shampoo; just be extra careful not to get it in his eyes as you rinse.

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