Diaper Change

We've got all the diaper-changing basics every first-time parent needs, including how to diaper like a pro, must-have supplies, and more. Also be sure to check out our collection of diaper videos.

All About Poop

The contents of baby's diaper will become your new obsession. But how do you know what's normal and what isn't?

Age-by-Age Diaper Buying Guide

How to choose diapers as your baby grows.

Diapering Supplies Checklist

Everything you need to make diapering quick and easy.

Diapers 101

You have at least two in every bag (and one in your glove compartment). You change 'em up to 10 times a day. You shell out a small fortune for them. Still, how much do you really know about diapers? Read on for the scoop.

5 Ways You're Cleaning Your Baby Wrong

From the very first wipedown to the nightly bath, Ari Brown, M.D., founder of 411 Pediatrics and the author of Expecting 411, Baby 411, and Toddler 411, explains what you may be doing wrong.

Inside Baby's Diaper

What's okay -- and what to worry about -- in your baby's diaper.

When to Worry: Constipation

If your baby hasn't pooped in awhile, does that mean she is suffering from constipation? Learn how to tell how the symptoms and what you should do to relieve her pain.

When to Worry: Diarrhea

Could your baby be suffering from diarrhea? Learn more about the causes and possible remedies for your munchkin.

How to Change a Diaper

Get step-by-step instructions on changing your baby's diaper and preventing diaper rash.

Diapering and Potty-Training Myths Every Parent Should Know

Grandparents, friends, and society flood parents with well-meaning advice, but how can Mom and Dad be sure they are receiving accurate information? With help from Dr. Andrew Adesman and his book "Baby Facts," we separate myths from reality.

How to Treat Diaper Rash

Chances are good that your tot is going to experience diaper rash at one point or another. Learn how to treat it and when you should call your doctor.

17 Celebrity Dads Talk Diaper Duty

How do celebrity dads handle the dirty work of changing diapers? Find out which A-listers are hands on--and which ones are hands off--when it comes to diaper duty.

See This Mom & Dad of Triplets Face Off in a Diaper-Changing Challenge

It's Mom vs. Dad in the Battle of the Diaper Change. Who will emerge victorious?

Because All Parents Should be Able to Afford to Diaper Their Babies

The White House has teamed up with Jet.com to offer affordable diapers to families in need.

How to Diaper a Baby

Learn the techniques and secrets of diapering your new baby.

Dad Making It His Mission to Get Changing Tables Installed in Men's Restrooms

One dad says men's public restrooms are not outfitted to accommodate the modern, involved dad.

How to Diaper Like a Pro

All the supplies you'll need and the steps to follow.

Elimination Communication: How to Potty-Train Without Diapers

Kids in other parts of the world learn to use the toilet by age 2 or earlier, so why not here?

Celeb Dads Who Love Diaper Duty

From professional athletes to A-list actors, these fathers are not afraid to get their hands dirty (literally!) and change their kiddo's diapers. You'll never guess which celeb dad actually described diaper duty as one of his passions!

Diapering Duty

You'll change your baby more than 2,000 times this year. Here's the scoop on cleaning up that poop!

Parents Will Now Feel the Love at 800 Starbucks in the UK

Starbucks is trying to make its stores in the UK friendlier to parents with young kids.