Types of Cloth Diapers

All-in-Ones (AIOs) & Pocket Diapers

All-in-Ones get their name from the fact that they provide both an absorbent layer and a waterproof outer shell all in one piece. (Picture an all-cloth version of disposables.) As with prefold covers, they fasten at the hips with either Velcro or a series of snaps.

Pocket diapers are similar to AIOs but feature a built-in interior pocket, made out of a wicking material, and contain a removable absorbent insert. You can customize your absorbency level by trying different inserts, or stuffing the pocket with two. Pocket diapers' separate pieces require less drying time than thicker AIOs. (Remember, both kinds are single-use diapers, and a diaper service is not an option, so laundry adds up!) "I stuff the inserts into my pocket diapers right out of the dryer so they're ready to go, just like disposables," says Ellen Kucera, of Warren, Vermont, mom of 2-year-old Tarin and 11-month-old Eli. "They're easy enough that babysitters, day care, and grandparents don't need an in-depth tutorial." Both AIOs and pocket diapers start at around $18 apiece.

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