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Top Picks From a Cloth Devotee

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We asked cloth diaper guru Catherine McDiarmid (who has a Website at for her top five picks of cloth diapers:

Bumkins Finer Baby Products
"The workhorse of All-In-One (AIO) diapers, most easily available, the most popular, with great prints."
Price $14-16*

Fuzzi Bunz by Mother of Eden
"A pocket-style AIO diaper. You can stuff it with anything -- even a kitchen towel -- to adjust the absorbency to suit your child's needs."
Price: $14-16

Luke's Drawers All-In-Wonders
"A breathable AIO diaper that fits from birth to training -- just one size to buy. Adorable prints and choices of fabrics."
Price: $19

Motherease AIO
"Another workhorse diaper, popular, and a great price."
Price: $14-15

*For better deals on pricing, Bumkins suggests using one of their top resellers, rather than ordering direct:

Baby J:; 888.873.231

Barefoot Baby:; 800.735.2082

Babyworks:; 800.422.2910

Katie's Kisses:; 888.881.0404

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