Out of the Mouths of Babes: First Words

From the hilarious to the truly original, readers share their cutie pies' first words with us!

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Courtesy of Amy Staley

Baby's First Word

My oldest's was "POOP" at 7mths.

- Amy Miner Staley

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Courtesy of Shelley Rothstein

Baby's First Word

"Mo mo"....that was his version of ELMO!!! LOL!!

- Shelley Bassik Rothstein

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Courtesy of Jennifer Hepinstall-Batson

Baby's First Word

"Booby." My child was always hungry

- Jennifer Hepinstall-Batson

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Courtesy of Grace Christenson

Baby's First Word

"Oscar," which is the dog's name.

- Grace Christenson

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Courtesy of Stacy Gray

Baby's First Word

It was actually "fire truck" which sounded like 'fire**** . ' We made her start saying "fire car" just until she could say truck but to this day everyone in the family still calls it a "fire car."

- Stacy Standifer Gray

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Courtesy of Lisa Rotili

Baby's First Word

"Gobble Gobble" It was around Thanksgiving!

- Lisa Rotili

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Courtesy of Melissa Spencer

Baby's First Word

Believe it or not she said "all clean" when she 2 1/2 months old and she would say it after every diaper change and bath but she would never say it when I tried to show someone so nobody believes me.

- Melissa Spencer

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Courtesy of Tracy Creamer

Baby's First Word

From the beginning, we would sign and say "all gone" when done eating. One day after dinner, "all gone" just came out!

-Tracy Fay Creamer

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Courtesy of Nicki Mays McElreath

Baby's First Word

Son #3 signed his first word since he is deaf. He signed "more" when we were out to eat with some friends. It was so precious and special!

- Nicki Mays McElreath

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Courtesy of Juanita Flores

Baby's First Word


- Juanita Perez

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Courtesy of Tara Taute Chiu

Baby's First Word

"Fongoole" I guess I said it way too much because I didn't want to say the other F word in front of her and she picked that up instead.

- Tara Taute Chiu

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Courtesy of Christy Ames

Baby's First Word


- Christy Ames

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Courtesy of Lynn-Krug-Taylor

Baby's First Word

"Sit." That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

- Lynn Krug Taylor

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Courtesy of ackie Colwell

Baby's First Word

"Arf, Arf!" He always talked to our dogs outside his bedroom window when he was supposed to be taking a nap.

- Jackie Colwell

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Baby's First Word

"Awuy," That was her saying "I Love You." I said it to her morning, day and night while she was awake and sleeping.

- Jessica Rodriguez

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Baby's First Word

"Shoes," no joke. She is two now and that's still all she wants to play with! I may be in trouble during the teenage years! She would rather go to a shoe store than a toy store!

- Emily Smith

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Baby's First Word

"S**t." Seriously, my last kid didn't say one word until she was about 16 months old. She made sounds but never an actual word. One day at Wal-mart, I dropped my purse and everything fell out and into a puddle. I muttered s**t to myself, but she said it just as loud and proud as she could. Then she continued to say it, to everyone for several weeks.

- Stacy Minichello

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Baby's First Word

"I eat!"

- Briana Jenkins

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Baby's First Word

"Raiders suck"

- Joe N Joy Lieggi

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Baby's First Word


- Rubi Rodriguez-Orona Pumpob

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Baby's First Word

"Tickle, tickle."

-Kelly Roos

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