What Your Baby's Sign Says About Her

Start the year off by finding out what's "written in the stars" for your little one.

Aquarius, Pisces, Aries

Aquarius Baby


Dates: January 20 to February 18
Top Traits: The Aquarius is easy to get along with, well-liked, and able to learn new tasks quickly.
Watch Out For: Be ready with the reminders--this sign tends to be absent-minded.
Celeb Kid Under This Sign: Penelope Cruz's son Leo (Jan. 22, 2011)

Pisces Baby


Dates: February 19 to March 20
Top Traits: It's in the nature of a Pisces to be creative, passionate, sympathetic, and idealistic.
Watch Out For: Pisces often need a little push--they'd rather spend their time day-dreaming.
Celeb Kid Under This Sign: Jennifer Lopez's twins Emme and Max (February 22, 2008)

Aries Baby


Dates: March 21 to April 19
Top Traits: A natural-born leader, this sign is confident, ambitious, and able to inspire others.
Watch Out For: The stubborn Aries may sometimes act before he thinks things through.
Celeb Kid Under This Sign: Rachel Zoe's son Skyler (March 22, 2011)

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