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What's Next?

After working on the first signs for a few months, expand your baby's repertoire with signs for things that interest her. Typically toddlers will readily pick up and enjoy doing signs for objects or people they love, such as book, ball, baby, or hat, as well as pets or animals, including dog, monkey, or elephant.

Signs for Sale

Baby Sign Language Basics $9; Hay House A pocket-size guide for parents.

Sign with Your Baby $50, Northlight, Training video is part of a kit from baby sign language pioneer, Joseph Garcia. Also includes a book and reference guide.

Baby See 'n Sign VHS, $15; DVD, $18; Kronz Kidz, Clips of babies in daily activities are mixed with an instructor demonstrating 60 (Vol. I) to over 100 signs (Vol. II).

Signing Time! VHS, $17; DVD, $22; Two Little Hands, signing Siblings Alex and Leah (who's deaf) share 18 to 30 signs in each of three volumes.

Talking Hands VHS, $17; DVD, $20; Small Fry, 800-521-5311 Kids and adults act out 32 signs.


Originally published in American Baby magazine, June 2004.

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