12 Sign Language Words for Baby

Here are the symbols for 12 common words so you can communicate with your baby even before she starts to talk.

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The thumb and index finger come together at the upper lip and move outward and away from the face, as if sliding whiskers throughout the fingers. (Can use one or both hands.)

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The shoulders are hunched, and the clenched hands shake as if shivering with cold.

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The thumb of the sideways "five" hand taps the side of the forehead several times. Fingertips may wiggle.

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The hand pats the thigh and snaps the fingers, as if calling a dog.

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The signer tips an imaginary glass to the open lips, as if drinking.

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The fingers and thumb, held together as if holding a small piece of food, tap the mouth several times.

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The signer holds the hand like a claw, palm facing the mouth, then drops the palm downwards as if spitting out hot food and throwing it on the floor.

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I Love You

I Love You can be signed as three separate signs, or by using one single gesture. I: Index finger points to self. Love: Fists cross over the chest at wrists. You: Index finger points to other person. I Love You: The "Y" hand is held up with the index finger extended.

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The thumb of the sideways "five" hand taps the side of the chin several times. Fingertips may wiggle.

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Baby Sign Language: Family Members

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The thumbs and fingertips of each hand are held together, and the fingertips of both hands tap together several times. Represents gathering more things together.

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The two index fingers tap together several times at the location of the pain. The face should show a pained expression.

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The "Y" hands are shaken, pivoting at the wrists, representing the shaking of a tambourine.

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Baby Sign Language: Starter Signs

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