Welcoming a New Sibling

Preparing Before Baby Arrives

Preempt your toddler's jealousy by preparing him for his new sibling.

  1. Visit a baby. Show your child what to expect by letting him spending some time with a relative or friend who recently had a baby.
  2. Buy a doll. Demonstrate how you'll be changing and feeding your new baby, and encourage your child to take care of the doll before the real baby comes -- and afterward too.
  3. Read a book. Many wonderful children's books discuss becoming a big brother or sister. Some good ones for this age include Arthur's New Baby Book by Mark Tolon Brown (Random House, 1999), and Little Bear Is a Big Brother by Jutta Langreuter (Millbrook Press, 1998).
  4. Involve him in preparations. Your older child can help get the nursery ready by stacking diapers or placing a cushion on a rocker. Recognize his contribution by saying, "What a wonderful big brother you are going to be when our new baby is here!"

Reprinted with permission from Parents magazine.

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