How Birth Order Shapes Personality

Has Your Birth Order Affected Your Parenting Style?

"Out of necessity, I made myself in charge of everyone and everything. I still take charge, but I make sure my firstborn can relax and be a kid."
-- firstborn Wendy, Jackson, New Jersey

"I was jealous sometimes of the attention my siblings had, especially my younger sister. Because of that, I try to give my kids extra special attention, one-on-one, so they don't feel jealous of each other."
-- middle-born Karen, Hunt Valley, Maryland

"It's always been important to me that my older son sit through his sister's sports events, just as she sits through his. She adores him, and having him there means a lot to her."
-- last-born Audrey, Ocean, New Jersey

"I always had friends who lived close by, but I also liked playing by myself. I teach my son that being alone doesn't have to mean you're lonely; being alone can be a peaceful, productive time."
-- only child Julie, West Hartford, Connecticut

"I make sure to praise any differences in the kids, which, 'm sure, stems from the fact that I was always trying to find my own individuality."
-- twin Sacha, Saskatchewan, Canada

Natalie Lorenzi, a mother of three, lives in Trieste, Italy.

Originally published in American Baby magazine.

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