When Your Baby's Addicted to Lovey

Laundering a Lovey

If it's time to wash a comfort object but your child won't let go, try these tricks.

  1. Give it a "bath." With your toddler watching, throw the blankie into the washing machine, then plop her into the tub. Let her know that soon she and her lovey will both be squeaky-clean.
  2. Ask for his help. Explain that his lovey needs to go for a swim in the washing machine. With your assistance, have your child toss it in, pour in the detergent, and press the start button.
  3. Hand wash it. If your child can't bear the thought of having her comfort object go into the washing machine, simply soak it in the sink with some gentle detergent.
  4. Pull the old switcheroo. Try swapping out the soiled lovey for a clean one while your child is napping or playing.

Copyright © 2007. Reprinted with permission from the August 2007 issue of Parents magazine.

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