How Can I Leave My Baby?

Lose the Guilt

"Realize that it's good for children to be with someone else now and then. I went back to work part time with my first, then stayed home full time after my second child was born. Looking back, I can see that being with a sitter helped my oldest learn to be more independent. My second son has a harder time being away from me than his brother does." --Jeanie Brown, Luray, VA

"Don't stress about missing 'firsts.' Your baby may roll over, take his first step, or say his first word when you're not there, but the first time you see it is what's important and what you'll remember." --Tracy Leonardo, Reston, VA

much for your baby as possible. If you have to wean before you want do, don't stress or feel guilty." --Kristina Albright, Elk Grove, CA

"Don't feel guilty if you leave as soon as the workday is officially over. You'll be amazed at how much being a mom teaches you to get things done in less time!" --Jes Isaacs, New York, NY

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