How Can I Leave My Baby?

Easing Back In

"My husband took two weeks off after I went back to work. I highly recommend this, because while I was getting used to the new routine, at least I didn't have to worry about the baby being in a new environment. Then, after two weeks at work, I was better able to transition into dropping her off at daycare. I think it is also very important to choose a daycare center close enough to your office so you can visit during lunch." --Jessica Daly, Columbia, SC

"My first official day back was a Monday. But I actually worked on Thursday and Friday the week before, then took off the following Monday and Tuesday in exchange. So I started with two short weeks, which gave me and the baby a chance to get used to our new routine." --Anndria Ciabattoni, Reading, PA

"When you first return to work, see if you can work half days or just a few full days for the first two weeks. Also check on your baby during lunch, if possible." --Patricia Rogers, Ravenna, MI

"When I got back to work, I found it helpful not to clutter my desk with lots of photos of my son. At first, my desk was like one big photo album. People would come by all day and comment on what a handsome little man I had. Of course, my coworkers meant well, but this made me miss him even more. Now my desk is adorned with my favorite picture of him, which is not distracting." --Crystal Padgett, Northampton, PA

"Check on your baby often. I called my daycare provider three times the first day -- and my daughter was only there for three hours! Your child's caregiver should be compassionate and understanding about how difficult it is for you to leave your baby." --Shelley Hull, Red Wing, MN

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