First Sleepover

Leaving your baby overnight can trigger a roller coaster of emotions, but it may be a good thing for both of you.
Baby with luggage

When Cathy Hale, who lives in Austin, Texas, left her 8-month-old son, Steele, with his grandparents so she and her husband could get away for an anniversary trip to Las Vegas, she cried as they pulled out of the driveway, teared up when she saw other babies en route, and called home multiple times a day. But at some point, she actually started to enjoy herself. "Sure, my husband and I worried when we weren't close by, but we desperately needed the chance to rest, recharge, and refocus," says Hale.

It's totally natural to be crazy worried about the thought of leaving your little one. But as much as you adore your baby, a 24-hour or longer break may be just what you need: a chance to take a breather, reconnect with your spouse, and (hallelujah!) sleep through the night. Whether you're traveling on a business trip or for a mini vacay, use our guide to make your time apart less of a big deal.

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