Is Your Baby A Late Bloomer?

For all the other parents out there watching and waiting, take heart. The range of when children take their first steps and utter their first words is huge, and the number of late bloomers is greater than you might think.

When Baby's A Late Bloomer

My son didn't crawl. The pediatrician said to not worry until James hit his first birthday, so I began a countdown of the days before I could officially freak out. James barely made the deadline, crawling 12 days before he turned 1. He took his first two steps across the playpen at 14 months, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. But then he didn't take another step for four months.

When your child is a late bloomer -- that's a sweet name for a kid who hits milestones later than average -- waiting for him to walk or talk can be nerve-racking. You wonder: Is there something I should have done? Is there something I should be doing? Is he okay? Take heart: milestone timelines are broader than you think!

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