Your Baby's Vision

Signs of Vision Impairment

Here's an age-by-age guide of signs to watch out for:


  • Doesn't stare at a human face or a vividly patterned object

1 to 2 months

  • Will not track an object
  • Eyes wander or appear crossed or crooked

3 to 4 months

  • Can't see you from across the room
  • Doesn't reach for objects

Any age

  • Doesn't see objects unless they are held close
  • Turns sideways or tilts head to look at objects
  • Has persistent redness in or around the eyes, or swelling or discharge from the eyes
  • One or both eyelids droop
  • Iris of one or both eyes appears cloudy
  • Shows excessive tearing, light sensitivity, or blinking
  • Rubs eyes frequently
  • Sustains an eye injury

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