Your Baby's Vision

What he should be seeing -- and what may signify a problem.

What Your Baby Should See

Newborn babies can only see objects close up, optimally at a distance of about 8 to 12 inches. Researchers point out that this is about the distance from a newborn's eyes to his mother's face as she feeds him. At first, a newborn's eyes don't work together, and some studies suggest that he actually sees two images of each object. But this corrects itself around the third month. Babies also can't see in color until 4 months of age, so at first your child will be most interested in black-and-white photos or toys; objects with high-contrast patterns, such as stripes or checks; and, of course, human faces.

By 4 months of age, your baby will also begin to use his eyes to coordinate his hand movements. Your child's ability to distinguish depth and detail and to track an object will also improve over the first year.

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