Tummy-Time Toys

Play with your new bundle and strengthen Baby's upper body with these adorable tummy time toys.

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Courtesy of Tiny Love

Tiny Love Frog Pillow & Mat

This adorable (and washable!) froggy mat encourages extended tummy time for your baby with all the bright colors and fun features. The small pillow allows Baby to prop up to get a better view of the mirror and attached toys for tons of tummy-time fun.

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Courtesy of Infantino

Activity Center by Infantino

Baby won't grow tired of this four-sided activity center. On one side your baby can peek behind soft colorful leaves, and with a quarter-turn by mom of the toy, Baby can play with cute birdies in their nest. This activity center will also occupy your baby when he's at sitting stage.

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Playing With Baby: Tummy Time

Courtesy of Haba Toys

Haba Toys Splish Splash Playmat

Your baby can have all the fun of splashing in the surf, while playing in your living room. Just fill the center of this mat with water and watch the fish zip back and forth as your baby plays. The water can easily be drained for quick, fold-up storage of this adorable mat.

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Courtesy of Boppy

Boppy Tummy-Time Play Pad

This sweet playmat helps your baby strengthen her neck and back while she plays with the plastic ring rattle and water-filled teether. Simply position the small Boppy pillow under her chest giving her a better view of the rattles and teether. You can start using this tummy-time pad when your baby is one month old.

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Courtesy of Fisher Price

Fisher Price Rainforest Musical Gym

Your baby grows fast, and this musical rainforest gym is perfect for tummy time in the "great outdoors" then adjusts easily as baby learns to sit up. The soft giraffe plays a short tune and encourages your baby to reach for his new friend.

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Courtesy of Infantino

Infantino 2-in-1 Bug Buddy Mirror

Three adorable bugs crinkle and rattle as your baby reaches for them and plays peek-a-boo with his reflection. It's perfect for tummy time and can be attached to a crib or other activity centers.

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Best Toys for Babies and Toddlers

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Courtesy of K Kids

K's Kids Inchworm Playmat

Surrounded by bright and cheerful cushions, your active baby can't roll off this washable playmat. The mat is 35 inches by 35 inches making it the perfect play space for your baby. Once he's has outgrown the mat, it folds up into a small sofa for more years of play!

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Courtesy of Learning Curve

Lamaze Spin & Explore Sea Gym

Lamaze Spin & Explore Sea Gym was created with the help of pediatricians and child development experts to get the most out of tummy time and make it more enjoyable for him. Your baby can spin around on the oversized cushion base which holds Baby in place while he strengthens his neck muscles. You can also remove the Lamaze Spin to have a bright playmat Baby will love to explore.

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Courtesy of Chicco

Chicco Happy Jungle Activity Playmat

A mix of animals and activities will keep baby entertained on this animal-themed playmat: the monkey's banana squeaks, the zebra sits atop a mirror, and the giraffe has long legs to grab on to. Coming from the elephant's trunk your baby can reach for a teething ring.

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Courtesy of Munchkin

Munchkin Play & Pat Water Mat

This soft inflatable toy, when filled with water, has floating characters for your baby to play with. Great on the floor or on a highchair.

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