Is Your Baby Gaining Enough Weight?

3 Moms, 3 Feeding Fixes

"I had a sleepy newborn."
"My son would fall asleep on the boob and didn't gain his birth weight back by 14 days," says Meredith Sargent, a Brooklyn, New York, mom.

The Fix: "When I gave Harrison formula for the first time, he lit up," says Sargent, who began nursing on both sides and then supplementing with 2.5 ounces of formula afterward. "He quickly started to gain weight and demand more."

"The latch was so difficult."
"I didn't try enough at the hospital, thinking I'd focus on it at home," says Amy Bhattacharyya, of Edison, New Jersey.

The Fix: After a month of practice, as well as pumping, I got my son to latch well, says Bhattacharyya. "With my second baby, I asked every nurse who came to my room for advice."

"My baby had tongue-tie."
Marisa McMahon's son Caden was born in the 50th percentile. However, at 8 weeks he fell to the 20th and by 3 months, he'd hit the 2nd percentile.

The Fix: A pediatric specialist diagnosed tongue-tie and found Caden had a palate that made it difficult to latch. "He was working so hard to nurse that he burned more calories than he took in," says McMahon, of Pelham, New York. She started giving her son expressed breast milk from a bottle (far easier for him) and supplemented it with formula. By 9 months, Caden was in the 65th percentile.

Originally published in the February 2013 issue of American Baby magazine.

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