Is Your Baby Gaining Enough Weight?

Learn to Pump With Confidence

While you and your little one figure out breastfeeding, pumping can boost your supply so the milk is there when you need it. Some moms pump first thing in the morning when they feel fullest; others do it after feedings. To empty your breasts, key for cranking up production, massage them while you pump -- what Dr. Wight calls "power pumping." You're doing great if you express 3 ounces after 15 minutes.

Offer your infant an ounce or two of this pumped breast milk in a bottle after nursing sessions or freeze it for your child-care provider to give him when you return to work. Don't worry, most babies won't become confused between breast and bottle, Dr. Shu says. If your infant is struggling to gain weight, adding those extra formula calories can make a substantial difference to her health, as well as your state of mind!

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