Fine Motor Milestones

Fine Motor Milestones

By 1 Month

baby with blocks

Linda Farwell

  • Babies exhibit grasping reflex, where they tightly grab on to a finger.
  • Hands remain in clenched fists most of the time.
  • They can put their fist in their mouth (although it will take a few tries to get there).

1 to 6 Months

  • Hands are half opened most of the time, and baby will practice opening and closing them.
  • Swipes at dangling objects.
  • Uses a clawlike or raking motion (fingers and thumbs together) to grab things.
  • Uses his hands to explore his body.
  • Grasps and shakes handheld toys.

7 to 12 Months

  • Pincer grasp develops.
  • Delights at picking up and dropping toys.
  • Starts to stack blocks, up to four blocks by age 1.
  • Transfers items from one hand to the other, turns them from side to side, and twists them upside down.

1 to 3 Years

  • Can turn doorknobs.
  • Can put pegs in holes, circles first, and then, by age 2, squares.
  • Will start to draw, often with large, sweeping lines and swirls.
  • Can take off shoes and unzip a zipper.
  • Can hold a cup with one hand.
  • Starts to paint and play with clay.

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