Fine Motor Milestones

When to Worry

There is an orderly progression to acquiring fine motor skills. But its pace is often uneven and can be easily interrupted by a new fixation, such as learning to walk. Don't be too concerned if progress seems slow. Still, there are some red flags, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. They include:

  • By 2 months, baby has not "discovered" her hands.
  • By 3 months, she does not grab your finger and cannot hold her head up well.
  • By 4 months, he does not grab for toys or bring objects to his mouth.
  • By 7 months, she reaches with only one hand and has difficulty getting objects into her mouth.
  • By 1 year, he is not waving, shaking his head "no," or pointing to objects.
  • By 15 months, she does not seem to know how to use forks, spoons, or other common household objects and is not using a pincer grasp.
  • By age 3, he can't build a tower of more than four blocks, has trouble manipulating small objects, cannot draw a circle, and has limited interest in toys.

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