Fine Motor Milestones

Building Fine Motor Skills

toddler with toy

Linda Farwell

Here are some ways to help your child develop his muscles and hone his talents.

  • Give your infant tummy time every day so he can build up the muscles in his back and shoulders.
  • Starting at 8 months, offer your baby small, age-appropriate finger foods that she can try to pick up and get into her mouth.
  • At age 1, encourage activities that require picking an item up and dropping it into a box. Stacking games are also a fun challenge.
  • Starting at around 18 months, encourage him to use crayons and sculpting clay.
  • By age 2, start enlisting your child's help in the kitchen. Ask him to help stir the batter or cut shapes out of cookie dough.
  • By age 3, many kids show interest in computers. Helping your child master the mouse develops her hand-eye coordination. Your basic scissors and glue sticks can be exciting challenges for 3-year-olds.

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