Encouraging Fine Motor Skill Development

7 to 9 Months

Baby playing with pots and pans

Kathryn Gamble

By now, your baby is a master at handling her toys. Banging, shaking, dropping, and even throwing them are all routine play.

Her biggest challenge during these months will be learning how to feed herself. "She'll be able to wedge the food into her fist," Philibert says. "Whether she gets it into her mouth is another story." By the end of this period, your child's pincer skills will develop. She will not only be able to feed herself but also have the skill to grip a selected Cheerio between her thumb and forefinger.

Helping Hands

  • Let your baby make a mess. It's great practice for little fingers.
  • When your baby plays, make sure her back and shoulders are supported so she can concentrate on making her fingers work.
  • Let your baby do things by herself. This allows her to practice her skills and promotes independence.

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