Charting Baby's Growth

Detecting a Problem

If your pediatrician is concerned about a change in your baby's growth pattern, she will ask you about your child's feeding habits and how many calories she takes in a day to make sure that your child is eating enough. In addition, your doctor will ask if your baby is hitting her developmental milestones, and about any recent illnesses and other behavior and social conditions. She will examine the baby, looking for a sign of a physical problem that may be a clue to the cause of, say, a large drop in baby's weight percentile. Based on the checkup, the physician may decide to do blood or urine tests, which can detect problems including low blood count, diabetes, and kidney disease -- all of which may affect a child's growth.

The growth and development of their baby is an area of both great excitement and concern for parents. Keeping informed, taking baby to his well-baby visits, and working closely with your pediatrician are the first steps to walking assuredly through these amazing times of change.

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