Baby's Early Laughs

Potty Humor

When toddlers are being toilet trained, they often add another kind of comedy to their routine: bathroom humor. This is the age when a dawning awareness of the body and how it works brings such words as "pee-pee" and "poopyhead" to the toddler vernacular. Young children somehow know potty humor is unacceptable and they talk this way to elicit a reaction, explains Bergen.

Your child's bathroom jokes also serve a purpose. Like adults, toddlers use humor as a coping strategy for stress and transition. Potty talk helps them deal with the challenging task of learning to use the toilet. We always see themes in humor that are related to worrisome things, Bergen says.

Let down your guard against goofiness. No one is watching except for one very appreciative audience member. And it's guaranteed she'll laugh so hard, she'll pee in her diaper.

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