Raising a Bookworm

The Right Medicine: Books

Don't be surprised if filling your child's next prescription takes you to the local library instead of the pharmacy. Pediatricians who participate with Reach Out and Read (ROR), a nonprofit agency based at Boston University's Medical Center, use well-child visits to teach parents about the importance of reading aloud. They may donate books to families, provide volunteer readers in the waiting room, or even write out a child's prescription for a good book. Already in more than 2,000 clinics, hospitals, and private practices, ROR annually delivers at least 3 million books to children nationwide. For more information, visit www.reachoutandread.org.


Another program, Reading Rx (www.readingrx.org), a Minnesota-based nonprofit, provides book kiosks in waiting rooms of doctors' offices and clinics.


Megan Kelley Hall is a mother of one in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Originally published in American Baby magazine, December 2004.

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