Make Your Own Developmental Baby Toys

Tube Poke

Age range: 24-36 months

Developmental skills: Tube poke provides another fun opportunity for toddlers to fit one object into another. Children will enjoy pushing the tubes through the holes and watching them pop out the other side and fall into the box. While younger toddlers may not put the tubes through the holes, they will enjoy filling up the box with tubes and then reaching in to take them out again.

Materials needed:

  • sturdy medium-size box
  • about 24 paper towel and toilet paper rolls
  • colorful contact paper
  • mat knife or box cutter
  • dish tub


1. Tape the bottom of the box closed. Cut off the top of the box.

2. Cover the outside of the box with colorful contact paper.

3. Carefully cut four or five holes, the diameter of your tubes, in each side of the box.

4. Place all the rolls in a dish tub.

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