Make Your Own Developmental Baby Toys

Pull Toy

Age range: 9-12 months

Developmental skills: Pull toys can give your baby support as he learns to use his wobbly legs! Bright colors attract the child to the toy. Pulling it encourages grasping and walking skills. The sounds of the bells encourage listening and help to keep the child's interest.

Materials needed:

  • long, thin cardboard tube
  • short, wide cardboard tube
  • sturdy string
  • colorful contact paper
  • scissors
  • small bells


1. Cover each tube with different colored contact paper.

2. Slip the wider tube over the thin tube.

3. Cut a long piece of string and pull it through the long thin tube.

4. Put the bells on the string so they are inside the long thin tube.

5. Tie the two ends of the string in a knot about 12 inches from the tubes.

6. Tie the rest of the string in knots so it's easy for the child to grasp.

*Safety note: Keep checking to make sure that the bells are safely secured and staying inside the tube.

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