Make Your Own Developmental Baby Toys

Shiny Pendant Mobile

Age range: 3-9 weeks

Developmental skills: At this period your baby will express interest in his world if the immediate environment contains some bright objects. The bottoms of the mobile ornaments should be broad and shiny or colorful, since that is the side the baby sees.

Materials needed:

  • thin chain (from hardware store), the width of crib
  • 4 foil tart pans, 5 inches in diameter
  • heavyweight string
  • red yarn
  • scotch tape
  • scissors


1. Tie a length of string onto each end of chain to attach it to the crib.

2. When you fasten the objects to the chain, pair them toward either end so the baby will see them when his head is turned to the side.

3. Punch two small holes in center bottom of a foil tart pan. String yarn through the holes so the pan hangs upside down. The length of yarn depends on the distance between the crib rim and the mattress. You want the objects to dangle about 7 to 9 inches from the baby's eyes.

4. Cut out the bottom circles of two tart pans. Slit each from the edge to the center and punch a small hole farther along the edge of one. Slide the slits into each other. Keep the circles at right angles to each other with bits of tape applied where the circles intersect. Thread yarn through the hole and hang the ornament on the chain.

5. Cut out the bottom circle of another pan. Starting from the edge, cut a spiral. Stretch it out. Make a hole in center. Thread yarn through the hole and tie it to a link on the chain.

*Safety Note: Hang the mobile out of reach after your baby is 8 weeks old. This mobile has some sharp edges and is not meant to be touched or pulled.

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