Is TV Really That Bad?

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"My kids watch TV only with my husband, which limits viewing to before work and on weekends. They know: If you want to watch TV, deal with your father."
-- Megana Hosein, San Jose, California, mom to George, 3, and Desmond, 1

"For us, television needs to have some sort of educational content -- whether it's learning manners from Caillou or the alphabet from Sesame Street."
-- Vivian Ghazarian, Havertown, Pennsylvania, mom to Nyrie, 2 1/2, and Nishan, 1 month

"We know it's easy to get engulfed in TV, so we decided to set it up in a way that wasn't conducive to that. We put it in the basement -- it's out of sight, out of mind."
-- Elena Serrano, Blacksburg, Virginia, mom to John Henry, 3, and Paul Wyatt, 8 months

"Olyvia wakes up really early, and if she's cranky, TV is the only thing that calms her. We just use it first thing in the morning so she thinks TV is on only in the morning."
-- Gayle Villani, Maplewood, New Jersey, mom to Olyvia, 3, and Corynna, 4 months

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